Our story

Repod was born as a personal project from an idea of ​​the founder Alberto Sanna.

Alberto wanted to apply the latest generation technologies to the waste supply chain and to solve the problems of the separate collection of waste such as: having to carry bags of waste on the street and fighting bad smells and insects. Then he thought “Why not do it for everyone? We should also collect waste data, make it available to everyone and make cities cleaner and smarter! "

From a personal project, Repod becomes a Start Up with a high social impact and a low environmental impact, with the aim of solving the urgent problems of the environmental pollution, the dispersion of waste in the ocean and recycling.

Our Team


Alessandra Trame

Founder - CMO

Architect, RIBA Chartered Member. Expert in urban regeneration, estate portfolio development, luxury residential and retail, social value, interior, product and graphic design, stakeholder engagement and construction management. She worked in Italy, Libya, France and UK on project of different scales and budget with the aim of improving the quality of life in the urban environments; currently based in London.


Alberto Sanna

Founder - CEO

Civil construction engineer. Specialized in M&E for sustainable architecture. 10 years of project management experience. Projects between £ 800k and £ 3M. He has lived in Australia and the UK for the past 6 years. He was based in London, now he resides in Sardinia.


Matteo Cossutta


PHD University of Nottingham. 5 years at Electrolux as Capability building Specialist, as Project leader, as Business Analyst and as RoHS Project assistant. He is focused on life cycle assessment, process modelling and system integration. Specialised in renewable energy technologies and energy/resource efficiency with a passion for corporate sustainability and especially in the Life Cycle Thinking approach.


Howard Eisenberg


Masters in Manufacturing Systems Engineering from Stanford University, he is the President (North America) of Eurosort Sorter Science since 2003. An entrepreneur with experience in several industries including microelectronics, electric vehicles, fiber optics and material handling equipment. Strong skills in startup bootstrap, innovative product development, international partnerships, supply chain management, manufacturing and business process simplification.



  1. Italian patent approved, PCT international patent approved, Chinese patent approved, Indian, Russian and European patents pending
  2. Complete prototype
  3. Business strategy, Business model, Market analysis and Go to Market Strategy completed and approved
  4. Selected in the "TalentUp competition" @Region of Sardinia, Italy
  5. Awarded with a 1 month incubation Program at the US MAC San Francisco @Galvanize
  6. Awarded with a 2 months Executive Business Administration Program at Georgetown University @Mc Donough School of Business, Washington D.C.
  7. Awarded with 3 public tenders for a total of € 235,000 grants
Next Steps

Next Steps

  1. Go to Market Italy - Europe - North America - Asia
  2. Quick Scale up
  3. Product Engineering 
  4. Intellectual property strategy extension 
  5. Taking part at the most relevant Tech events
  6. Pilot project